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• Signed by Jocelyne Butler-Rohland on Oct 5, 2014

Lived in Manitouwadge from 1964 - 1978 ish - many fond memories playing outside until the street lights came on -- the siren at lunch time -- the special feeling of community and belonging -- Thanks for the great memories

• Signed by Denis Parent on Aug 11, 2014

Hi My name is Denis Parent and I was looking at the Manitouwadge web site and it brought back so many memories of when I lived in Manitouwadge from 1987 to 1992.
Wanted to post my experience living there on a billboard but did not see one on the web site.

Just wanted to say the short time I live in the small town was one of my best experience. I still talk about Manitouwadge as if I lived there yesterday even if it has been 21 years since we left.

My family and I enjoyed our time there and one day will be going to visit. We miss the people that makes the town what it is “ A great place to live”

Best to all from the Parent Family
Denis Parent

• Signed by Arthur Stylea on Feb 3, 2014

I miss Manitouwadge. Last time there was in 1970

• Signed by Kevin Cebrario on Apr 14, 2012

Beautiful little town.I have been here several times and have enjoyed it each time.

• Signed by Margaret Mary ( Maci) Pittman on May 13, 2011

I was born there in 1979 but left in 1981. Even though I have very little memories of the place I miss it everyday and wish that I kept in touch with some family friends. I am hoping on returning there for a visit someday.

• Signed by John Masters on Apr 30, 2011

I lived there in 1967-1970 I was only 16 years old then. I moved back to Nova Scotia and I came back in 1971-1972. I enjoyed the fishing and the people were friendly. I had many friends from Nova Scotia who at one time had visit or lived in Manitouwadge. I can remember my first trip when I got off the train in stevens and got a drive with the milk truck to Manitouwadge. I hope to go back for a visit some day before I retire. I'm sure it will bring back a lot of memories. My neighbour went back four times for a visit.

• Signed by Greg Watts on Apr 11, 2011

I visited Manitou 2 years ago and loved every minute of it! What a nice hidden gem! Great place for families and small town living!!!!

• Signed by John Barnett on Mar 24, 2011

We moved to Manitouwadge in January 1956 and it was probably the coldest winter on record. In 1956 there was only one school where both high school and public school children attended. We had Camp 17 as the social hub of the growing town with the outdoor skatiing rink nearby. The town grew quickly as I grew up, and even more after I left in 1972. It was the pioneering attitude of our parents and others that created the foundation of the town and its amenities, that made Manitouwadge such a great place to grow up. My hats off to those that continue to make Manitouwadge such a great place live. I have many fond memories growing up and I made many life long friends. I try to get back every once in a while to see the place and reunite with many of the people who stayed behind.
The 50th reunion was absolutly incredible as I was able touch base with so many people from my past. Many I had not seen in 40 years, however after only a few minutes it seemed as we had only been apart a very short while.
John Barnett

• Signed by Sarah L. on Nov 7, 2010

I grew up here from 1995-2004-ish before moving away. Lots of nostalgia and memories, and still have friends living here. Would love to come back for a visit!

• Signed by Grace LaMarsh on Oct 18, 2010

We came to Manitouwadge for the first time in August 2010. Had a wonderfull visit with my niece and her family. We liked it so much we decided to go back for Thanksgiving. I absolutely love the peace and quiet, and no pollution.

• Signed by Rick VanderHoek on Oct 1, 2010

As a kid I lived in Manitouwadge in the early 70s.
Looking back it was the best place to be young.
Lots of outdoor activities and places to go.
Its been over 38 years since we left and I still can see the old house on Heron Dr.
We moved to Kelowna BC (Google it) and have been here ever since.
Its a great place to live.
The winters are no where as harsh as Ont.
Some day...I will come back, just to show my kids where Dad grew up.

• Signed by Denis Gionet on Sep 30, 2010

Born here in 1968, a Christmas baby, I never lost my love for my home town. Every time I pass through or nearby I'm overwhelmed with memories of a rich childhood and plenty of nature outings in all seasons. I never miss any place more than here. I'll be coming home for visits more often in the coming years, as my god-parents/aunt & uncle still live in the same house they lived in since I left, and our kids are old enough to travel more comfortably.

Thanks, to my home for such a great place to be born an raised.

Denis ;-)

• Signed by Gail Lewis on Aug 5, 2010

Great job on your Website! We moved here July 2009 and just love Manitouwadge and the friendly people here. If you're looking for a Friendly, Affordable, Quiet place to live. Manitouwadge is it. Why not come visit it!

• Signed by Nadine Dunphy on Aug 2, 2010

I was born in Manitouwadge in Aug of 1964 and I lived there with my family until the end of June of 1978 when wilroy closed down. I would like to some day come back and see the town.

• Signed by tony murphy on Jul 6, 2010

I lived in ''the wadge'' from 1964-71 ,than worked at noranda mines in1979-80.It's a great place to grow up in.Glad to discover this site,keep the good work up.

• Signed by Margaret Pittman on May 11, 2010

I was born in June 1979 and moved off the province in 1981. I am hoping on returning there sometime for a visit since I know there are still people there.

• Signed by Roxanne Pilette on Oct 11, 2009

Hey Manitouwadge is the most welcoming place I've ever been ! there was some nice places to visit like the Rendez-vous with Sunny the tattoo guy. I was in the last Katimavik group and I worked in the Golden Age Center!! It was so much fun. I would like to come back and stay there. I'm from Montreal so this place would be a big change for me but I fell in love with Manitouwadge. Now me and Jason (My boyfriend) are planing to start a business and we want to own this charming house that we were in for 3 months.

• Signed by Howard and Judy Ambury on Jul 30, 2009

It was a great town to live in. We enjoyed living there. Going back in Sept. for a visit.

• Signed by Sherri Sullivan on Jul 23, 2009

So many good memories of the town and its people, I still miss the friends I met in this quaint little town
I will visit some day,

• Signed by Brian Kelly on Jul 11, 2009

I'm a true Wadger having lived there from 1959 to 2005! I'm looking forward to coming back at Wadge Fest to see everyone again as I do miss somethings...playing the extreme - snowmobiling, fishing, hiking but most of all I miss all my friends and the community. Great web site...keep up the good work!
B.J. Kelly

• Signed by Sylvain (Tank) Lessard on Jul 2, 2009

Hi y'all in Manitouwadge. I had the privilege of living in Manitouwadge from 1975 to 1978. We left there when I was 14.
I have been looking at this site and it is great. It brings back a lot of fond memories... playing hockey, learning Judo, swimming at the pool, I even delivered the Echo for a bit. Actually my friend Jacques and I were the first delivery kids for the Echo.
I hope to visit there in the near future, until then, I will keep visiting the site for updates.
An archival photo section might be an idea....
Thanks for the trip...
Sylvain (tank) Lessard

• Signed by Phyllis Poirier on Jun 29, 2009

This website is great, I have learnt so much about your beautiful town. I can't wait to come and visit next month.

Phyllis E. Poirier

Business Outreach Officer

L'agent de programme externe

Superior North CFDC

SADC Supérieur Nord

7, chemin Mill Road, Box / CP 716

Terrace Bay, ON

P0T 2W0

(807) 825-4505 (888) 445-9999

Fax/Téléc (807)825-9664

• Signed by Sylvain Lessard on Jun 12, 2009

I resided in Manitouwadge 1978 to 1982 and will be visiting next summer. I am looking forward to seeing the growth that has taken place. Good job on the webstite.

• Signed by Nuno Benevides on Jun 11, 2009

Thank You for getting this page up and running!

• Signed by Donna Jaunzarins on Jun 11, 2009

I agree Dave, well done

• Signed by Dave Raymond on Jun 9, 2009

It is really coming along. Keep up the good work everyone!

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