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Supplementary Tax Bill

A supplementary tax bill is a bill issued by the Township which reflects any additions or improvements you have made to your property.

MPAC issues supplementary assessments for one of the following reasons:

(A) House/Building Assessment

Your house was recently built and when you purchased it, it was only assessed for vacant land; or you had some renovations/improvements done to your property that has increased its market value.

(B) Reclassification
The tax class of the whole or portion of your property assessment has changed.
From the supplementary assessment information supplied by MPAC, the Township of Manitouwadge calculates the tax amounts due and issues a tax bill with instalments and due dates. Until the Township receives the information from MPAC, we cannot issue a tax bill. As legislation allows MPAC to issue supplementary assessments for the current and previous two years, there may be a considerable time lapse between the effective date of the supplementary assessment and the date you receive your Supplementary Assessment Notice and tax bill.

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