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May 2017 - Forecaster

Curbside Garbage Collection

Reminder …. When placing your garbage bin on the curbside, the weight must be no more than 20 kg (44lbs). This is for the safety of the workers, to reduce the risk of injury.

Bylaw #91-25 section 8 (c)

8.(c). No householder shall place for collection a receptacle, the weight of which, together with its contents, exceeds twenty (20) kilograms.

A Public Works employee can refuse to pick up your receptacle if overweight.


Reminder of our Dog/Cat By-Law and Community Concerns!

“iScoop Manitouwadge”… Spring is here, which means we are noticing dog waste which was hidden by the snow!

The Perry Lake Trail and our sidewalks are areas where people report many sightings of dog feces not removed around town, especially during the spring months. It only takes a few seconds to grab a waste bag before you walk your pets. As we pick up after our pets, we’ll leave a lasting impression on our visitors and we’ll ensure no unpleasant “poop” encounters.

“Noisy / Barking Dogs” Since our pets are now kept outside longer, at times barking dog noises can extend for long periods, creating reported disturbances in neighbourhoods.

A simple solution to decreasing barking dog disturbances to neighbours may be to check often on your pets, train them to not bark, bring them inside when they are barking, and bring them inside when you are not home.

“Cat at Large” summer is almost upon us; it is important to remember to keep your cat indoors or tied up. Neighbours are cleaning their yards and working on the gardens, cats at large can be a nuisance to others with digging in gardens and leaving feces behind damaging plant life and carrying unknown disease. The cat’s safety is the other concern. They are hit by cars, accidentally poisoned by spilled antifreeze, or maimed by fan blades when they crawl into warm engines on cooler nights.

“Dog/Cat Licences” All dogs/cats in Manitouwadge are required to be licenced annually before January 31st. Reminder…when the Township is required to follow up with dog/cat bylaw complaints, pet owners who have not yet licenced their pets can be fined $125 for each pet.

Questions or Complaints?

Contact By-Law Office @ 826-3227 Ext 244 or Email:


Oct. 12, 2016 - Community Mailout

Snow Removal Maintenance and Winter Parking!

Have you been wondering why it matters where a property owner or tenant deposits the snow they remove from their property or private land?

When snow is normally accumulated on the streets and areas in town (public land), the Township removes the snow from these areas at a cost. The costs incurred include the time, labour, and equipment. The Township is faced with additional costs when homeowners deposit the snow from their private property onto or across roadways, into ditches, on sidewalks, or other public lands by various means. When additional snow is deposited onto or across the sidewalks and streets, it freezes and makes it difficult for the township snow removal equipment to remove this buildup. This difficult snow and ice can end up in your neighbour’s driveway.

It is important, all homeowners ensure that any snow removal from their private property is kept on their private property, or have it hauled away to the designated snow dumping site. Homeowners or snow removal persons are asked to contact the Public Works Office at 826-3227 Ext 230 for designated snow dumping areas prior to the dumping of snow.


October 1st to April 30th

“No person shall park any vehicle on any streets in Manitouwadge between the

hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am.

By-Law 95-15 Section 8, Set fine $75.00

No person shall park any vehicle in ditches at all times. Re:

“(Deposit) (cause to be deposited) (waste) (object) on lands, create hazard.”

By-Law 97-09 Section 4.1 set fine $100.00

Thank- you for your co-operation in assisting the Township with the safe removal of snow!

If you have any By-Law related questions or complaints: please call 826-3227 Ext 244

Email: or Visit
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