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Burning Permit
Burning Permit Applications can be picked up at the Town Office or download the application and bring the completed form to the Town Office for review and approval by a Chief Fire Official.
The applicant must be the Property Owner, or have approval from the Property Owner.
A Burning Permit is required in Manitouwadge for the purpose of burning grass, bush, or other yard waste materials.  If you are unsure of qualifying items, contact the Fire Chief to discuss.
  •  The fire must be kept to a controlled size and it is understood that any smoke disturbing persons will necessitate the extinguishment of the fire.  If the fire should become out of control, the Fire Department will be notified and the applicant will pay any loss incurred.
  • This permit is valid only for those dates and time indicated and may be terminated at any time by an Officer of the Fire Department.
Recreational fires for the purpose of cooking, warmth or entertaining do not require a Burning Permit.  Safe burning practices are necessary.
  • Conditions allow fire to burn safely until extinguished
  • Take all necessary steps to end, control and extinguish the fire
  • Water is readily available to extinguish fires
  • You are not having an open fire in a restricted fire zone
By-Law No. 87-28 states that:
a) no person shall set an uncontained grass or bush fire;
b)  the permit holder shall not burn more than one cubic metre of accumulated material in any one fire;
c) the permit holder shall not burn any accumulated material at a distance less than fifteen feet from any building, structure, hedge, fence, vehicular roadway, overhead wire, or obstruction of any kind;
d) the permit holder shall keep the permit at the site of the burning operation and shall produce it on request by an Officer of the Fire Department;
e) the permit holder shall comply with all conditions specified in the permit issued by the Chief Fire Official;
f) any person setting an open air fire shall be responsible and liable for costs incurred by the Fire Department to extinguish the fire, the cost shall be determined by the MTO set rate at time of incident.

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