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Planning Department:

Official Planning By-law:
By-law No 86.40 Official Plan Bylaw.pdf

Official Planning By-law Amendments:
OP No 89-76 Amendment No 1 Adopting First Amendment.pdf
OP No 96-35 Amendment No 2 Institutional to Highway Commercial.pdf

OP No. 96-37 Amendment No 3 Parks Recreation (OS) to Industrial (IND).pdf
OP No 04-14 Amendment No 4 Residential to Highway Commercial.pdf

Zoning By-law:
Zoning By-law Amendments:
Zoning Codes for quick reference:
Residential:                                       Zone 1 = R1
Residential                                        Zone 2 = R2
Mobile Home Residential                   Zone 3 = R3
Seasonal Residential                         Zone 4 = R4
General Commercial                          Zone   = C1
Highway Commercial                         Zone   = C2
Waterfront Commercial                     Zone   = C3
Industrial - Service                            Zone   = M1
Industrial - Airport                             Zone   = M2
Industrial Extactive & Forestry          Zone   = M3
Institutional                                                     I
Open Space Recreational                               01
Open Space Lake Front                                  02
Hazard Land                                                   HL
Rural                                                               RU

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