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Committees that Council has Representation

Council sits on various Boards and/or Committees as your "Town Rep."

The following is a list of each Board or Committee that requires mandatory representation by our elected representatives on behalf of the Township of Manitouwadge.  If a position is held, it is stated. Otherwise, all positions are referred to as Town Rep.

NOTE: *** means: "NO expense incurred to Town for attendance to meeting"

Mayor Andy Major:  

Thunder Bay District Municipal League - Monthly Meetings
Members:  All Mayors/Clerks in the District of Thunder Bay
Town Rep:
Regional East Mayors Group - Monthly Meetings - rotated to each community
Members:  Mayors/Clerks from Manitouwadge, White River, Dubreuilville, Hornepayne, Wawa and Chapleau

Town Rep:
Manitouwadge Economic Development Corporation
Members:  Chairperson: Barbara St. Pierre; Vice Chair: Robert Kirkpatrick;  Secretary/Treasurer:  Karen Robinson;
Directors: Tyler Baran, Karlson Hunter, Jim Moffat, Grant Goodwin, Kevin Turner, Carole Desilets
North Superior Forestry Community (N.S.F.C.) - Monthly Meetings - ***
Members:  Regional East Mayors Group

2012 Report on OGRA Conference and appointment of Directors (Mayor inclusive)
Councillor Edward Dunnill
Thunder Bay District Municipal League               
Thunder Bay District Health Unit Board
Councillor Raymond Lelievre  
Manitouwadge Public Library Board - (First Tuesday of the Month) Monthly Meetings
Members:  Chairperson:  Connie Hunter; Councillor Lelievre, Elizabeth Bierworth, Helen Goodwin, Tara Ruel
Nuclear Waste Community Liaison Committee
Member: Chairperson: Jim Moffatt; Vice-Chair: Tyler Baran; Dave Schleier, Wayne Barsalou, Noah Ruel, Charles Newton

Councillor Peter Ruel 
The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board
Manitouwadge Municipal Housing Corporation
Councillor Sheldon Plummer
Manitouwadge Municipal Housing Corporation - (Third Monday of the Month) Monthly Meetings
Members:  Chairperson:  Helen Williams; Vice-Chairperson:  Lisa Jomphe; 
Directors: Councillor Sheldon Plummer, Councillor Peter Ruel; Property Manager: Rita Labbee, Donna Jaunzarins

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