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By-Laws Issued for Public Reference can be found by departments, and/or as a quick reference to community minded by-laws, see the following:

Cemetery Bylaw 2014-21 to amend 2013-18
Collection Removal Disposal of Garbage Bylaw 91.25 and Amending Bylaw 2001.12 Other Refuse.pdf
Control Noise Bylaw 98.09.pdf
Donation Bylaw 95.47.pdf
Expenses for Council and Staff Bylaw 2010-13.pdf
Garbage Bylaw 91.25 and Amendment Bylaw 2001.12.pdf
Hawkers and Peddlers Bylaw 89.36 and Amending Bylaw 95.42.pdf
Land Maintenance Bylaw 98.11.pdf
Motorized Snow Vehicles in Township Bylaw 2009 34.pdf
Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Bylaw 2000.28.pdf
Notice Bylaw 2007.42.pdf
Parking Bylaw 95.15 and Amendment Bylaw 2001.05.pdf
Policy Snow and Ice Control 95.12.pdf
Prohibit Keeping Certain Kind of Animals Bylaw 94.18.pdf
Prohibit Regular Sale and Setting Off of Fireworks Bylaw 2009.08.pdf
Prohibit Regulate Animals and License Dogs 97.20.pdf
Regulate and Prohibit the Discharge of Firearms Bylaw 2017-08
If you have any questions regarding these by-laws, please contact that specific department and/or the clerks office - thank you.
Municipal Law Enforcement Officer (MLEO) handles all by-laws where fines are applicable, inquiries:   807-826-3227.244

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